Wednesday, December 1, 2010


In summary, the movie Silkwood chronicles the events leading up to Karen Silkwood's death. Kerr-McGee, the company she worked for, were rushing to meet a deadline and in doing so, were cutting corners that would ensure the safety of their employees.  As more people fell ill, and with health issues herself,  Karen became aware of this and she began gathering information and consuming herself with the constructing a fight against this immoral company. In doing so, she ultimately lost her life in a suspicious one car crash. The company went out of business a year later.

In my personal opinion, I was saddened by this story. It is yet another reminder that some people don't value the precious existence that is human life. Unfortunately, money often clouds judgement, in which case stories like this occur. This movie taught me to be aware of what companies are doing and saying because not everyone has the same respect for the environment and its creatures.

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